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Central Provincial School

We're a childcare centre with an engaging curriculum backed by qualified, experienced and passionate teachers! By learning about those of differing social, cultural and perspectives, young people

  • Educational field trips and school presentations
  • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
  • Individual attention in a small-class setting


I extend a very hearty welcome to you as a parent who has shown interest in The Central Provincial School. The major driving force behind my taking up of this school project has been the mixed experiences of a variety of parents with regard to boarding schools in the country and this gave me an opportunity to closely examine the many features of our existing boarding school system. I strongly felt the need for a customization in our school system, orienting it to Indian culture and traditions. Keeping this in view, we have experimented in a small way and initiated a few changes, which have already started bearing fruits.

At The Central Provincial School, we help children tap into their hidden potential by exposing them to diverse opportunities. The broad based, liberal education also helps them to rise above parochial mindsets and acquire a truly international outlook. In addition to this, children are trained to learn more by doing things themselves and trying out new ideas, taking failure and success in their stride, with all their energies focused on honest and purposeful effort. I have every hope and belief that The Central Provincial School is going to become a premier institution of its kind in this part of the world, amply fulfilling the educational aspirations of the parents who bring their children to its portals.
P.B. Narnaware
Central Provincial School.